NEW ! CHARMES Domaine de la Grange

This wine takes its name from the 3 grape varieties composing it (CHArdonnay, MElon de Bourgogne and Sauvignon), as well as from the 3 main characteristics giving charm to the Domaine de la Grange.

CHARMES from Domaine de la Grange is a fruity wine full of freshness like the natural setting in which our vines grow ; a wine with a beautiful structure and a nice balance reminiscent ofthe serenity atmosphere surrounding the estate ; a generous wine nourished by the beauty of the setting in which it matures.

Best served at 10-12°C

CHARMES from Domaine de la Grange can be enjoyed on any occasion: as an aperitif, during a brunch or a meal ;  CHARMES will be appreciated with savory or sweet dishes, fish or white meats, or also with fruity desserts.

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